July 30th, 2012

За несколько лет до Дрездена


"The Germans never admit damage to military objectives, but they acknowledge civilian casualties after our bigger raids. After the Hamburg raid of 2 nights ago they described the casualties as heavy. The papers here reproduce this with pride. Two years ago we would all have been aghast at the idea of killing civilians. I remember saying to someone during the blitz, when the RAF were hitting back as best they could, “In a year’s time you’ll see headlines in the Daily Express: ‘Successful raid on Berlin Orphanage. Babies Set on Fire’.” It hasn’t come to that yet, but that is the direction we are going in."

Замечательный писатель. Во всех отношениях.

По наводке:

Neural Correlates of a Magnetic Sense

"Many animals rely on Earth’s magnetic field for spatial orientation and navigation. However, how the brain receives and interprets magnetic field information is unknown. Support for the existence of magnetic receptors in the vertebrate retina, beak, nose, and inner ear has been proposed, and immediate gene expression markers have identified several brain regions activated by magnetic stimulation, but the central neural mechanisms underlying magnetoreception remain unknown. Here we describe neuronal responses in the pigeon’s brainstem that show how single cells encode magnetic field direction, intensity, and polarity; qualities that are necessary to derive an internal model representing directional heading and geosurface location. Our findings demonstrate that there is a neural substrate for a vertebrate magnetic sense."

Пример зависимости активности нейрона из ствола от направления магнитного поля:

"Fig. 3 Stimulus protocol and neural responses to magnetic field stimulation."

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Интересно, одни и те же нейроны чувствуют магнитное и гравитационное поля или разные? Скорее всего, как всегда окажется, что есть все возможные комбинации. ;-)